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The Warrior Midwife Trilogy by E P Bali

The Warrior Midwife Trilogy by E P Bali

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Genre: Fantasy Romance; Epic Fantasy


The Warrior Midwife (The Warrior Midwife #1) - Blurb


"The fae are no joke, girl. Be wise. Be smart. Be cunning if you can…"


Her father made a binding agreement with the fae king to protect his kingdom. Now Crown Princess Saraya must pay the price: marry the crown fae prince, go into the monster's lair and give up her protection of the vulnerable women of her home, Quartz City.

But fate would not have her sent into the fae kingdom, instead, forces far greater than she could have imagined plot the destruction of humanity.

The Order of Temari, an ancient guild of warrior midwives, sworn to protect women in childbirth from the demons who would take their baby's magical abilities are all but dead. But with Saraya's coming of age, the Order has a chance at rebirth. Instead of going to sit as a human caged and betrothed in the fae kingdom, Saraya disguises herself as a fae warrior and sneaks away into the Mountain Academy, where fae males learn to become full blooded warriors…

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Customer Reviews

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First of a trilogy

Ok I think I have a new favourite series! Have you ever read a book that made you so happy while reading that you wanted to cry tears of happiness? That might sound a bit OTT but that's how I felt while reading this book. I either had a huge dopey grin on my face or I had my *oh no!* face on!

There is so much awesome in this story. We have Fae kingdoms, human kingdoms, magic, demons, midwifery (of course!), a hidden academy for male fae, a long lost Order - and OPAL (OMG wait until you meet Opal, the ultimate side kick!) She is a rainbow coloured magical fae creature and she's a clever little beast I wish was real.

Saraya the FMC is an absolute champion. She's a princess yet she serves the people, she is strong, a Midwife, she has magic and can banter with the fae warriors. Some of the banter in this I truly snorted at, it is fantastic.

Lastly, if you are looking for a new book boyfriend, Drake has you covered. You can thank me later. Especially if you love the "Who hurt you" trope.

If you love fantasy by the likes of Sarah J Maas, and/or The Plated Prisoner Series by Raven Kennedy, (with a splash of She's The Man!) then you NEED to add this to your tbr! (Keeping in mind this is YA/NA)