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The Tethered Soul Series by Laura C. Reden

The Tethered Soul Series by Laura C. Reden

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Genre: Fantasy; Romance; light paranormal


The Tethered Soul of Easton Green (Book 1)  Blurb


You’ve heard the term “old soul” before . . . But what if some souls simply never die at all? It couldn’t be a worse time for Everly Beck to find her soulmate—the same day she is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Then again, the timing couldn’t be much better either. At twenty-two, a matter of months is all she has left, and her bucket list includes some epic items that demand a helping hand.

Reeling from an impossible diagnosis, Everly chances upon Easton Green as he’s about to jump off the New River Bridge. Beck persuades him to stick around for just a little while longer, and as possible fate would have it, Easton is exactly what she needs to get through this difficult time.

Yet, there’s something unique about Easton that Beck can’t put her finger on. He’s hiding his past—perhaps for good reason. Could their bond be enough to transcend a lifetime?


The reading order for the Tethered Soul Series is: 

The Tethered Soul of Easton Green

The Second Life of Everly Beck

The Kindred Soul of Nora Faye

When I was Becca Green 


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