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The Sweet Series by Alison L Robson

The Sweet Series by Alison L Robson

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Genre: Contemporary Romance; Romantic Comedy


*Signed by the author*


Sweetheart (Sweet #1) - Blurb


 Thankfully, her life will never be the same again… 

Jen Sweet’s life was in a rut. Her job was boring, her love life was non-existent, and she just broke her favorite pair of Jimmy Choo’s. After the day from hell, Jen decides to let her hair down and go out for a drink. Or four. 

It’s at her local bar, she meets Joey Granger. Jen hasn’t had a man try his pick-up lines on her for a long time, but even she isn’t desperate enough to fall for Joey’s sad attempts!

What Jen doesn’t know is that a lot of people are looking for Joey. And the first one to find him is Hitch. Hitch is a Retriever, a job that isn’t exactly on the legal side of things. It’s Hitch’s job to take Joey back to the Gold Coast so he can face the man he stole $100,000 from.

When Hitch sees Jen and Joey together in the bar, he mistakenly thinks Jen is Joey’s girlfriend. So, he decides to take her along for the ride. The only problem is, Jen isn't going to make it easy for him!

What follows is a crazy, dangerous adventure across three states. If sinking a Porsche, meeting a crime boss and flirting with the super sexy Hitch doesn’t get Jen out of her boring old rut, nothing will!

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Customer Reviews

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Feisty and Flirty

I loved reading this series! The books are fast paced, funny and flirty. Jen Sweet is having a very bad day having slept in and snapped the heel on her favourite pumps. From here onwards her day is only going to get worse after a misunderstanding and being held at gunpoint! A road trip adventure from Melbourne to the Gold Coast follows and I thoroughly enjoyed the hijinks between Jen, Hitch and Louis. #teamHitch

Thank you to The Black Veil Bookshop for introducing me to new Aussie authors, and the books being signed by the author is a nice bonus.