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The Soul Thief Trilogy by Madeline Te Whiu

The Soul Thief Trilogy by Madeline Te Whiu

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Genre: Fantasy; Dark Fantasy; 


The Assassin Thief (Soul Thief Trilogy #1) - Blurb





Telium was once the most feared assassin in all Alkoria. Now she lives out her days in exile as she fights for dominance over her dark gifts.

But all that changes when an errant Fae warrior enters her domain. Drawn by rumours of a powerful being said to be borne from the shadow of the dark goddess Tenebris.

With their kingdoms on the brink of chaos, he calls for her aid in his mission to defeat the Mad Fae King and prevent an all-out war.

But the road to the Fae capital of Meannthe is a long one, and haunted by memories of her past, Telium must decide if she can risk losing dominance over the darkness in her soul.

In this gripping story, debut author Madeline Te Whiu creates an unforgettable world rife with grave secrets and suspenseful romance.

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Customer Reviews

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Marilyn Peck
The Soul Thief

Loved this, lots of action and humour. Can't wait until the 3rd installment is out.

Nadine D
The Assassin Thief

Absolutely fantastic read. I was immersed in the story and the characters and left wanting more. When is the sequel!

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Jaymie | Girlogic Reads
Brilliant Debut!

‘They are two sides of the same coin, but where Mallux is all light and valour, Telium is shadows and intrigue.’ - The Assassin Thief, Madeline Te Whiu.

Honestly, I do not have the words that can give this book the review it deserves but imma try.

I will admit in the beginning it did take me a little bit to get into because it’s a little different from what I normally read, but once I was got passed that. I became enthralled.

This book follows the most feared assassin thief from the Siren Queen’s kingdom. She is skilled, deadly and possesses the kind of magic that makes her a little different. She’s not like the rest of beings in this world, she’s different. She’s other.

This book takes you on a journey filled with betrayal, mystery, love, loyalty and revenge.

I absolutely adore the world this author has created and how beautifully she has written this book. And that fight scene, just wow. I could imagine it in my head like It was a scene from a movie.

I freaking love Telium, I’d want her as my bad ass assassin bestie.

I can’t wait for the next book, I already know I’m going to be obsessed with this series.

5 stars. Highly recommend.

Sam Rafferty
Banger of a debut!

I am NOT READY to leave this world! I can already see this will be a series that will get its claws in me and not ever let go.

Full of morally grey characters, magic of different kinds, conspiracies and betrayal, The Assassin Thief is a fantasy story following the female main character Telium, who is the Siren Queens most feared and loyal Assassin. In this world there are humans - some of which have gifts (powers) but there are also Fae in another city who are strong and long lived, however only some female Fae are gifted with magic. Telium, our feared Assassin, does not really fit nicely into any category. She is simply, Other.
Fiercely loyal, she embarks on a quest with a Fae warrior who needs her help. Only she isn't doing it for him, not really. They have an instant bond but she just wants revenge on behalf of her Queen.

My mind is still reeling after finishing this, I already want to reread it to pick up little things that I may have missed on my first read through. So many times my eyes near popped out of my head at some of the revelations and my mind was constantly trying to make connections.