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The Legacy of Sterling Manor by Jennifer Franz Griffith

The Legacy of Sterling Manor by Jennifer Franz Griffith

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Genre: Romance; Contemporary 

The Legacy of Sterling Manor - Blurb


When Holly Jensen inherits her estranged aunt's house, she doesn't expect to have to fight with local heartthrob Derek Sterling over rightful ownership, but she's determined to find the truth about the house that she plans to turn into a Bed and Breakfast.

Holly stumbles upon her aunt Celia's journals in the attic which reveal a shocking truth: Her aunt Celia and Derek's grandfather, Graham were once lovers.

Between trying to start a new business and finding her place in the town, Holly must also confront the strange all-consuming feelings that are evoked whenever she's near Derek.


Derek Sterling is the town council president of a slowly dying small town, but he has a plan to save it. Now that the reclusive woman who was squatting in his grandfather's house for the last seventy years is gone (may she rest in peace), it's time for action.

Things are falling into place for him except for Holly, the fiery redhead who just swept into town claiming the house as her own. For reasons he can't explain, Derek is pulled toward Holly with a longing he's never experienced before. The eternally noble Derek knows he needs to choose the town over his growing adoration for Holly, but he can't stay away from her.

As secrets are revealed, Holly and Derek need to decide if what they are feeling for each other is real or if there is something divine forcing them together.

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