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The Dream Trilogy Series by Samantha Barrett

The Dream Trilogy Series by Samantha Barrett

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Genre: YA Fantasy; Paranormal


A Beautiful Dream (The Dream Trilogy #1) - Blurb 

My name is Ryan Knox.

I thought I was finally free of my past.
I left my old life behind, reconnected with my family, and made all the right choices.

It was supposed to make me happy until I found out I’m the only one who can save a world I didn’t even know existed.
My dreams weren’t just dreams.
They were the place I fell for someone I had no right falling for.
Now, I need to harness an unknown power inside of me.

The objective is clear—save the Fae realm.
Secrets will need to be uncovered. Enemies will need to be reasoned with.
And my heart will need to stay out of it.

There’s just one problem. The evil we need to fight, is none other than my twin sister.

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