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The Carlson Dynasty series by Cate Lane

The Carlson Dynasty series by Cate Lane

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Genre: Contemporary Romance


Satisfying the Billionaire (Carlson Dynasty #1) - Blurb


My dating life has become a minefield of wrong guys. Until the day Hunter Carlson, CEO of Carlson Publishing, follows me into the office elevator. He’s my boss’s brother. And from the moment our hands touch, we sizzle.
Hunter is the perfect solution to my dating woes. A man too busy to want anything more than a fun fling.
I don’t do relationships—instead, I offer him a simple deal. A
friends-with-benefits deal.
But when those benefits are mind-blowing, it’s soon obvious there is nothing simple about our deal.

Trudy Wilder is a feisty little firecracker who knows what she wants. And what she wants is for me to be her
friend with benefits.
I can’t believe my luck. No commitment. No demands on my time. No complaints about me working too much. And let’s not forget … she is stunning.
How could our arrangement be anything but
Of course, life is never that simple. Things become complicated when I begin to see Trudy as so much more than a friend.
And I have to make a choice … keep the arrangement or let her go.

What happens when the satisfaction of a no-strings-attached lover ends up tying me in knots?
Maybe it’s time for some rope play.


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