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Sandalwoood by Rebecca Campbell

Sandalwoood by Rebecca Campbell

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Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Sandalwood - Blurb


A story about life, loss, love… and sexual desire.

Giuliana Cilauro returns to Sydney after a self-imposed nine-year exile, with a Doctorate from Oxford, enviable experience at a London critical-issue advisory firm, and a 3-year-old Jack Russell named Smudge.

All Giuliana wants is a fresh start, but there are scents, people, pictures and places that keep pulling her back into a past overshadowed by grief and guilt. So, when she’s not speaking at press conferences, or managing the political fallout from a fossil fuel divestment strategy, or handling public relations for a billion-dollar global renewable energy project, she dances and she runs until it hurts to numb a different type of hurt.

Proudly adept at keeping herself emotionally detached, Giuliana prefers casual affairs and relationships of convenience over romance and commitment and she uses such trysts to satisfy her strong sexual needs. But the barriers she built to protect herself start to slip when she finds herself drawn to Christian Worne, the Managing Director at Worne Group, where she works in Corporate Affairs with his younger brother, Thomas.

Can Giuliana overcome Christian’s unpredictable behaviour towards her and the miscommunications between them, not to mention the corporate structure, and connect with him? And can she overcome her history, with all its heartache and loss, and trust herself to conquer the insecurities and bad habits that would normally send her running in the opposite direction?


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alex Branimir
Steamy contemporary romance

This book has it all - romance, sex, laughter, sex, tears, sex, drama... and did I mention the sex? Some of the best sex scenes I've ever read - consensual, relatable, and very steamy without being cringe. Well worth a read!

Ellie S.
Laughter and excitement, tears and devasation

It's not often that books this spicy are also equal parts bittersweet and heart-achingly lovely, with realistic characters and relatable moments. Sandalwood is, essentially, about a woman’s struggle to confront the past and her grief, instead of just burying it beneath overachievement.

We meet the main female protagonist, Giuliana, when she’s 18 and watching the aftermath of a car accident that killed her brother and father. Fast forward 16 years and Giuliana Cilauro PhD, returns home only to discover that time, distance and professional success haven’t healed her.

Sandalwood is also a love story. It’s love between best friends, old friends, mother and daughter, and love in all its other forms, including romantic love. And it’s that unflinching love that ultimately helps Giuliana realise she doesn’t have to heal alone, but it’s a heart-wrenching journey that takes her there.

There is laughter and excitement, tears and devastation, and all set against a backdrop of corporate Australia, with some academic references thrown in (if you know you know). There is also a realistic antagonist and Giuliana enjoys an active and refreshingly healthy sex life.

I was deeply invested in Giuliana and the other characters and finished the book in two sittings. The first half is a slow burn between Giuliana and Christian, but with lots of other things happening that kept me turning the pages. The second half takes off at lightning speed and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I was desperate for more.