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Renewed Hearts by Amy Stephens

Renewed Hearts by Amy Stephens

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Genre: Contemporary  Romance


Renewed Hearts (Thunder Ridge #2) - Blurb


Warren Cleveland knew the moment he drove away from the mountain town of Smuggler’s Peak he’d want to come back and visit again. Not that he’d really spent a whole lot of time there, but it was where Molli Barnes called home. Whether she realized it or not, Molli had done quite a number on him. Causing his heart to beat a little faster and his head to fill with all sorts of craziness, it was still so much for him to take in. But he liked the way she’d left him feeling. She was the breath of fresh air he’d desperately needed in his life. 

Molli Barnes was still trying to sort through everything that had happened when Warren Cleveland had accidentally showed up at Cliff's Landing, the mountain tavern she owned and operated. With a tear in her eye and butterflies in her stomach, Warren promised he’d be in touch. Soon. That their time spent together wasn’t just a one-time ordeal. It was a weekend she wouldn’t forget, not for a very long time.

When Warren’s phone rings just days later, he drops everything and rushes to be by her side. Not that she hadn’t been truthful with him, but he quickly realized that Molli’s past had left her damaged way more than she’d admitted to. But he won’t abandon her, even when he finds out the ugly truth. With renewed hearts and a sense of hope, will the two of them be able to take their friendship to the next level? Or will Molli’s past test their relationship in ways that neither of them were prepared for?  

Book One in the Thunder Ridge Series.

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