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Redemption by Samantha Barrett

Redemption by Samantha Barrett

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Genre: Fantasy; Paranormal; Romance


Redemption - Blurb 

My name is Dominic Silver and I am the original hybrid.

After what happened to my mom, I fled New York.
Living in the fae realm with my best friend was great, until I learned his sister is my mate.
But loving Sophia would come at a price I wasn’t willing to pay.
My rejection caused her to run, and she was captured by the king of the vampires.
Seventeen years later, she finally escapes.

Seeing her again brings feelings back that I thought had dissipated.
Being near her stirs something inside me that I try to ignore for her safety.
Sophia is a princess and I am the mix breed mutt.
I have nothing to offer her.

When Randall comes back to try and take her again, I need to choose.
Do I accept the mate bond and save her, putting her life in danger?
Or do I deny her again and settle for a lesser evil?

Sophia isn’t as innocent as she seems. She’s is keeping a secret so big it has the power to change my life.
And when the truth comes out, it’ll bring me to my knees and my world will crumble around me.


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