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Contemporary Mythos Series by Carly Spade

Contemporary Mythos Series by Carly Spade

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Genre: Fantasy Romance; Contemporary Fantasy

**The Contemporary Mythos series will feature a different Greek god in each book re-exploring their myths and combining contemporary romance tropes. Though they will all stand alone, the stories will also intersect for those that read them all.**


Hades (Contemporary Mythos #1) Book Blurb 


Stephanie Costas has always had a passion for humanity. As a digital forensics examiner, she fights bad guys from the technical front. When a closed cold case is dug up, she finds herself becoming consumed to set things right. No amount of eighties music or repeated viewings of her favorite movie Dirty Dancing were enough to distract her. She needed a vacation in the worst of ways. When she set foot in the gorgeous tropical resort in Greece, she had no idea she'd meet a man claiming to be Hades, god of the Underworld. And she certainly had no idea that he was telling the truth. Her Greek vacation was about to become very...interactive.

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Customer Reviews

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Jaymie | Girlogic Reads
Greek Gods? Sign me up!

Hades - Mini Review.

Hades and Stephanie’s chemistry is otherworldly. The connection these two have is deep and the understanding and peace they find within each other is everything.

Apollo - Mini Review

A Rockstar, Greek God. Need I say no more?
Apollo and Laurel inspire each other in many ways throughout this story and it’s so nice to see a book about Apollo where he isn’t the bad guy. This book is filled with banter, heat and a spark that you can’t deny.

Ares - Mini Review

This story is so different from the other two in this series. It’s fun, amusing and so steamy. Although, what do you expect from the God of War.

Eros - Mini Review

How can you not love the god of love?!
This story is everything and Elani is so relatable. All girls at one point feel the way she does about love especially when it takes a little longer to find it.
Eros is just dreamy. He is the god of love and I adore how he slowly gets her to question everything she knew about love while making her slowly fall for him.

Poseidon - Mini Review

I loved the whole concept of Poseidon and Cordelia. I loved how they were given a second chance and the amount of growth they had to go through to become better versions of themselves before finding each other again. I thought it was beautiful.

I absolutely fell in love with Poseidon straight away and I adored how quirky and awkward but very surprising Cordelia was. It was so refreshing and exactly what I needed.

Zeus - Mini Review

Keira and Zeus are two parts of a whole. Apart they are powerful and forces of nature in their own right and together, they are combustible.

The chemistry these two characters captivates the readers attention and keeps them entertained throughout the entire book. And those spicy scenes are just… pure fire.

Highly Recommend this whole series.