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Mac Tíre Mafia series by Kally Ash

Mac Tíre Mafia series by Kally Ash

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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Trope: Mafia Romance


*The Reaper has sprayed edges, The Warlord does not.


The Warlord (Mac Tíre Mafia #1) - Blurb  


I’m a pawn in a very dangerous game. 

I was kidnapped and sold to one of the most dangerous mafia groups in Ireland - the Mac Tíre Clan.

I’ve been entrusted into the care of a man known simply as The Warlord.

He watches me like a wolf stalking his prey.

He stares like he wants to devour me.

The scary thing is, I think I might want him, too.

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah @book_ofroses
This was the featured book for the January The Black Veil Bookshop Book of the month!

This is the first book of a new mafia dark romance series, featuring a forbidden lust affair that never should have started in the first place.

The Warlord is the head of the mafia "personal assistant". The head of the Irish mafia clan; Finnan - personally appointed Greyson to be his trusted Warlord by his side due to an incident that proved Greyson's loyalty to Finnan.

Greyson is appointed to then commence his next task in preparing Finnan's arranged bride to be to be in attendance, by abducting her from America and bringing her back to Europe for the arranged marriage between two big mafia families. Greyson then starts to get intel on the wife-to-be by following her, watching her, working out what she likes & dislikes, before finally making the final abduction. During this time, he came to like who & what he saw so once the abduction does take place, he finds himself confused over the connection he is feeling with this bosses fiancé.

Sloane grew up in a big American mafia family. She grew up knowing how to defend herself in all types of fighting as well as weaponry. She knew one day she would be abducted & be betrothed to some mafia lord. What she wasn't counting on was being abducted by his Warlord & instantly feeling a connection she did not have any place feeling.

As Sloane prepares herself to betroth Finnan, she finds herself leaning on Greyson more so than she should be. As Finnan keeps leaving her lonely & not doing anything to win her loyalty over, only using her to "show off" to the clan, she finds herself needing Greyson's attention. And when he finally makes a move, she knows she can't say no. They then start a forbidden affair, where one could die for their sins if ever found out. So what happens when an unknown suspect ruins it all?

Firstly, the MFC was amazing. She was so laid back for someone who was just abducted. She knew what she was born into and she was strong independent woman - I could see why Greyson fell in love with her. Secondly, Kally's writing was so easy to read. I binged this book within 48 hours and would have finished sooner if work didn't stop getting in the way!

5/5 stars with 3/5 steam.

I am excited to read The Reaper which feature's Fallon - Greyson's little sister we met in this story.