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Kiss of the Damned by Elena Lawson

Kiss of the Damned by Elena Lawson

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Genre: Romance; Paranormal; Dark Fantasy


Kiss of the Damned (Elisium Book One) - Blurb

I have no interest in being a demon’s plaything.
I shouldn’t even be in the Fallen City of Elisium, but all it took was one Nephilim jerk proclaiming me to be tainted and that’s exactly where I wind up.

The demons in this dark metropolis are vile, wicked beings, though none more so than Kincaid: the cruelest and most powerful of them all. To ensure my safe return home, I must strike a bargain with him.
Forty days in exchange for my freedom.

It’s not like I have much choice, so I agree. If Kincaid’s interest in me can help solve the riddle of my origin and aid in my escape from Elisium, I figure it’ll all be worth it.

Only, the more time I spend with Kincaid, the more the tenuous line between love and hate melts away. Soon, I’ll be forced to confront something far more disquieting than the truth of my heritage: a confusing connection with a demon that I cannot deny.

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