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In Love and War series by Monica James

In Love and War series by Monica James

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Genre:  Viking historical romance

North of the Stars (In Love and War #1) - Blurb


England is burning.


And the are too afraid to utter in nothing but a whisper.


The Northmen.


My father is King Eanred.


And me?


I am Princess Emeline.


My father wants to protect our kingdom against the ruthless Vikings who continue to raid England, so he has betrothed me to Aethelwulf, the son of King Egbert of Wessex-the most powerful realm in all of England. Without this union, Northumbria will fall, which is why I must submit. I must do this for my people.


However, it is not in my nature to surrender. So when my father captures the most savage Viking known in our land, I do what no good, God-fearing Christian would do-I help him.


His name...Skarth the Godless.


People fear what they don't understand, but I will not allow that to control me. Fear makes us blind to the truth, and I refuse to cower because Skarth soon becomes my teacher-in all things. And when his rival, Ulf the Bloody, shatters my world, it becomes clear the lessons have only just begun.


My soul is tarnished.


I am a sinner.


Lord, hear my prayer...

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