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Heart of a Monster by Shain Rose

Heart of a Monster by Shain Rose

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Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance


Heart of a Monster - Blurb 


They said to be careful of the monster, but they didn’t know…
It was the monster that saved me.

The whole city called him the monster: a troubled man with demons in him clawing to get out.
His job was to ruthlessly take lives for the family.
And, yet, he saved mine.

Ever since, I worked to earn my place amongst the most powerful men within the mob by collecting intel from rival gangs and families. I sat amongst them and they made me one of their own...all except him.

To him, I didn’t belong. And he leapt at the opportunity to shove me away by unleashing his viciousness on me.
He commanded I leave, and convinced himself I was too innocent for them all…
but I had nowhere else to go.

This was The Family. My family now.
He was The Monster. My monster now.
So, I opened the cage where his demons lived. I set them free.

And then I took the biggest risk of all:
I handed my heart to the monster to see if he’d rip it apart.

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Customer Reviews

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Jaymie | Girlogic Reads
My kind of mafia! I devoured it.

I absolutely loved this book and all the characters involved. It’s based more on the relationships and family dynamic rather than the dynamic and inner workings of a Mafia.

Katalina and Rome are everything. They are intense, dark and explosive.

I love how they find peace in each other, especially after everything they have gone through in their lives. They definitely deserve a happy ending.

It’s also good to see Katalina become strong and taking charge. Being the boss bitch that she is.

I also freaking loved that we could see Rome struggle to determine where his loyalties lay, with her or the family.

I can’t wait to read book two to see how it all ends.

4.5 Stars

Because I did notice some words were missing which sorta took away my enjoyment.