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Daisy Jacobs Saves the World by Gary Hindhaugh

Daisy Jacobs Saves the World by Gary Hindhaugh

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Genre: YA


Daisy Jacobs Saves the World - Blurb

A splendidly funny and really quite silly sci-fi adventure.

When an unstoppable alien force meets a human teenager, there can be only one winner ...

Right until the moment it all goes a bit pear-shaped, Daisy Jacobs is feeling pretty happy about things. Her life, in a small town where nothing ever happens, is finally about to begin. Then? Well, she's entirely blameless for any resulting mayhem, death and destruction.

The irony didn't hit her until later. Because, although your love-life's a black hole, you don't expect to wake up inside an actual singularity.

However, if all life began with the Big Bang — which a reliable authority tells us it did — then it's only fitting that's exactly how her life should end: with the biggest bang of all.

But the question is: can Daisy Jacobs stay alive long enough to save the world?

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