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Clubland by Tara Jenkinson

Clubland by Tara Jenkinson

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Genre: YA; 


Clubland - Blurb


It was after four thirty in the morning, but Clubland was far from announcing last call. 

Clubland is the hottest club in town.

And as a member of the club's inner clique, eighteen year old Lexie Perkins' life is a never ending party. With a fun group of friends, an internship at her dream job and a gorgeous boyfriend, her life off the dance floor is as dazzling as strobe light. 

But in the harsh light of day, not everything is as glamorous as it first appears, and an impending event that sees work and play collide will send Lexie into a spiral of self destruction, where she risks making choices that will change her life - and the lives of everyone around her - forever.

Relationships will crumble, mental boundaries will be pushed to their limits, and true character will be revealed as Lexie and her friends realise that there is a thin line between enjoying their youth and destroying their future.

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