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Breath of Fate series by Angelina J. Steffort

Breath of Fate series by Angelina J. Steffort

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Genre: YA; Paranormal Romance


These books have been reissued with new covers, these are the original style covers.


Torn (Breath of Fate #1) - Blurb


Some souls go to heaven, some go to hell. I never thought I would be the one to take them.

When seventeen-year-old Laney Dawson’s grandmother dies, everything the high school student thought was impossible turns out to be real. There are creatures out there bargaining for our souls when we die; Lightbringers and Shadowbringers who take souls to heaven or hell. And Laney will be one of them.
Once she has manifested as a Lightbringer, she will take souls to heaven, but until that happens, she remains an attractive target for the Shadowbringer Cas who wants her soul as a trophy. Good that Laney has her best friend Leon at her side to protect her; for losing her soul would leave her an empty human shell, pained by a void that can never be filled again. Love, death, and a hidden world that decides our fate.
Death is only the beginning.

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