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Bratva Bride by T. J. Maguire

Bratva Bride by T. J. Maguire

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Genre: Contemporary Romance; NA  


Bratva Bride - Blurb


The Bratva rule Las Vegas

The Cosa Nostra rule New York City

What happens when they merge their families?

A new King and Queen of the Mafia are born.

Illayana Volkov and Arturo De Luca have a long road ahead, with enemies around every corner. They'll have to protect and trust in one another to survive. With a brutal betrayal and danger lurking in the shadows, who can they really trust?

Authors Note: Bratva Bride is not a stand-alone. It is the first book in the Bratva series. Each book centres around a different couple, featuring a dark, dominant alpha male and the feisty heroine he falls in love with, who is just as violent and bloodthirsty as he is. Although the overall story intertwines with each book, there are no cliff-hangers, and each couple receives a HEA.

This series is not for the faint of heart. It contains extreme violence, harsh language, graphic sexual scenes and talk of sexual abuse. If these things offend you then this book is not for you.
It is not suited for anyone under the age of 18.

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