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Be Tempted Duet by Caz May

Be Tempted Duet by Caz May

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Genre: Romance


Loathing Temptation (Lockgrove Bay #1) - Blurb



Ten years ago, she took something from me and shattered my world. She left then, leaving me to deal with the aftermath.

And now she's back just to taunt me. 

I loathe Tempany Davies. 

But now she's all grown up, and a walking temptation that I can't give into.

Because not only do I hate her for ruining my life, she's now my new stepsister, and clearly off limits. 

But temptation is hard to resist, and I'm beginning to wonder if the saying about there being a fine line between love and hate is true.


After ten years I'm back in Lockgrove Bay. And it's not exactly the welcome home I was imagining.

I'm stupidly falling for Ashton Castello, the cocky basketball team captain, who hates me with a fiery passion. And he just so happens to now be my new stepbrother. 

That should keep me away, but I'm being tempted by him. And I'm that girl, the one falling for her bully of a stepbrother.


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