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Angels of Elysium Trilogy by Olivia Wildenstein

Angels of Elysium Trilogy by Olivia Wildenstein

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Genre: Dark Fantasy; Fantasy Romance


A modern ROMEO & JULIET retelling featuring an epic sinner and the angel who'll stop at nothing to save him.


Feather (Angels of Elysium #1) - Blurb

It was supposed to be a quick mission. The only thing quick about it was how rapidly I failed.

 With only a month left to earn her missing feathers, twenty-year-old Leigh embarks on a trip to Paris to meet her newest project, twenty-five-year-old Jarod Adler, leader of the Parisian Mafia and the worst kind of sinner . . . a Triple.

 If Leigh can get Jarod to accomplish a single act of kindness, she stands to win 100 feathers, more than enough to complete her wings and ascend to Elysium, the land of angels.

 What she doesn’t count on is Jarod's dark charm costing her feathers.

 She’s dead set on saving him, and he’s dead set on destroying her.Until he realizes destroying her wings is also destroying her heart.

 A heart he longs to hear beat only for him.

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