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Amber Wolf by Lauren Searson-Patrick

Amber Wolf by Lauren Searson-Patrick

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Genre: Fantasy Romance


Amber Wolf - Blurb


Friend. Guard. Orphan.
Lish Taylor thinks she knows who she is.

But when her team investigates a series of abductions, Lish finds herself guardian of a trembling little boy - one whose experience is unnervingly familiar. And the questions she’s harboured since she was a child, after witnessing the violent murder of her mother, flood to the surface. Lish’s answers lie just beyond the walls of her climate ravaged city; but chasing them means leaving behind the life she has built from nothing.

Captured by the brutal General Siosal, Lish must use her greatest secret to protect not only herself, but the General’s other victims. Aided by the mysterious and compelling Lochlain, Lish’s escape catapults her into the enchanting world of the Calahi, where magic is not something to hide, but a birthright and a gift from the land itself.

To avenge her mother’s death and stop Siosal’s reign of terror, Lish must work with Lochlain and his allies. But as their plans unfold and her connection with Lochlain grows, Lish begins to understand that in order to get what she wants, she may have to admit truths about herself that will change not only the course of her life, but the fate of a dying kingdom.

CW: pregnancy loss - historical, off-page 


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