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Alpha Power by T. J. Maguire

Alpha Power by T. J. Maguire

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Genre: Romance; Fantasy 


Last of the stock with the older style cover.


Alpha Power - Blurb


The Supernatural live in secret among us


Governed by their own societies and laws, one in which Shifters and Vampires have been enemies for millennia

When a rogue Werewolf Shifter stumbles into Vampire territory she meets an ancient, powerful and mysterious Vampire King

Their attraction to one another is swift and undeniable, despite thousands of years of war and bloodshed between their people

When dark, malevolent forces threaten the fabric of what they could build together, they'll have to fight and fight hard for what it is they want

It will be dark
It will be violent
It will be bloody
But if they can stick together they just might make it out alive.

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